In a world that is saturated with competition and “empty calorie” music, I say greetings, and welcome to the site for wholesome music.  It’s been said that we are what we eat, and I do agree.  I further believe that there are many things that we feast on, and music is one.  Music is a powerful force, and is vital to life.  But music must be respected if one is to gain optimum satisfaction from its companionship.  Lyrics --in particular, should be given special attention when writing songs, and when listening to them. Words are powerful, and when grounded in negativity can have a negative effect on one’s disposition!  Here, it is my aim to offer wholesome music, (instrumental and vocal) that’s pleasant, uplifting, and calming to the listener.  By so doing, I desire to effect a positive change to the listeners’ outlook on life.

      RORY      DABNEY

University of Michigan School of Music Alumni

in conjunction with

D Fermata Records

QTS Productions